Rodent Engineering

This is an experimental page related to the search term Rodent Engineering.

In Peter’s best-selling SEO book, Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, Chapter 3, Peter explains the difference between very competitive search phrases, and those that are not competitive.

Rodent Engineering Experiment

This page was posted as an example of how quickly a page can be indexed for a non-competitive phrase. Not surprisingly, the term Rodent Engineering is not a very competitive phrase. Thus Peter set up this page, and optimized it for rodent engineering, to see just how quickly it would appear in the Google search index on Page 1.

Within a few days of posting, this page ranked #1 on Google for the phrase rodent engineering, and continues to do so (as with any keyword phrase, there are fluctuations, but generally this page ranks #1 for the phrase in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN).

Why Rodent Engineering?

Search Google for “rodent engineering” and you’ll find a results page with very little highlighting, no PPC ads, no full rodent engineeringphrase in the <title> tags, and so on. It’s simply a non-competitive search phrase, and thus very quick to rank highly for.

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